You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Check out some of the frequently asked questions about Roadrunner 3D, our processes, the materials we use, and the services we offer.



What kind of materials do you use?

Our most popular material is PA12 Nylon, a strong, lightweight, and sturdy material that works well for most uses. We also offer common materials such as PLA and ABS. If you need a specific material or property, please reach out to us and tell us about your requirements so we can pair you with the best solution.

Can you copy/recreate existing parts?

Yes! We offer 3D scanning of objects to deliver a point-cloud STL file for your use. We can then print this file in-house, giving you the fastest turnaround time in scanning and recreating your parts. There is a minimum $300 fee for our scanning services. Please note that Roadrunner 3D does not currently offer file design modifications after the scan.

I have an idea - can you design a prototype?

Roadrunner 3D is currently not accepting design work, but we do work with local mechanical engineers that we can refer you to. Once a prototype has been developed, we can assist in making basic adjustments such as scaling, refining wall thicknesses, latticing for strength, and adjusting the prototype for cost efficiency.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

Roadrunner 3D has a minimum order of $50 for our 3D printing services and a minimum design fee of $150. Use our Get a Quote tool to price out your project!

Does Roadrunner 3D print houses?

Roadrunner 3D does not 3D print houses. However, we are able to 3D print scale models and fabrications to be used in housing.