01. Low Volume Manufacturing

Manufacture and experiment as much as needed. Our technology cuts costs and material waste while offering more design flexibility. Using our wide assortment of versatile materials, you’ll have your products in hand with greater precision and speed.


02. Collaborative Production

Outsourcing to Roadrunner 3D’s digital manufacturing center lets you access the power of our cross-industry partnerships. Your engineering, IT, and post-processing capabilities instantly expand, while our personalized service tailors resources to fit your specific needs.

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Prototypes and Models

01. Rapid Prototyping

Small-batch rapid prototyping lets you test and refine color, design, and engineering and home in on a final product in a fraction of the time.

02. Functional Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing technology has reinvented the creation of functional parts that fuel innovation in engineering, computing, and applied sciences. Test specs for complex assemblies, enclosures, and watertight applications using a variety of high grade materials.

03. Appearance Models

Let your audience see your vision in detail and full color (black, white, or clear) when the limits of traditional manufacturing are removed. Medical devices, teaching tools, product samples, props, and more come to life when your CAD files meet our 3D printing.



01. Plastics

ABS is a common thermoplastic polymer, noted for its impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance. Roadrunner 3D’s high reusability nylons test the limits of functional part creation, while optimizing cost and part quality. Rizium Carbon a thermoplastic-like carbon fiber reinforced material delivers a higher modulus and incredible visual finish that is moisture and chemical resistant. We also offer plastics for dental applications: E-Tool 2.0, known for heat and chemical resistance, delivers accurate tooling with an exceptionally smooth surface finish. E-OrthoShape is recommended for affordable volume production of models on which to produce clear thermoformed aligners.

02. Metals

Metals are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. 17-4 PH stainless steel is a precipitation hardening steel frequently used in mildly corrosive environments or with high-strength requirements. With corrosion resistance and high and low temperature performance, 316L stainless steel is a fully austenitic metal great in harsh environments. H13 Tool Steel is abrasion resistant with exceptional hot hardness, resistance to thermal fatigue cracking, and stability in heat treatment—ideal for both hot work and cold work tooling applications. One of the most versatile steels, 4140 boasts toughness, high fatigue strength, and abrasion and impact resistance.

03. Resins

E-RigidForm is a polyurethane-like resin that has a hardness value of Shore D; it delivers good heat deflection and water resistance. E-Rigid PU, also polyurethane-like, maintains good strength and is marked by flexibility and impact resistance. It’s excellent for dental diagnostic waxups. Rizium One is an engineering grade, amorphous polymer designed for high strength, superior layer adhesion, long-term stability, moisture and chemical resistance, and clean operation. It’s UL GREENGUARD 2904 Certified and USP Class VI Certified.

Custom Finishes

01. Dying

A fast, low-cost way to improve the appearance of printed parts. Dyeing adds consistent color after powder removal and bead blasting. Our environmentally friendly options might also suit your needs.

02. Painting

Match color to Pantone or RAL or color chips you provide. Perfect-match coloring helps bring arts and entertainment productions to life or ensure consistency in consumer products. Environmentally friendly options are available.

03. Plating

Plating increases the strength and durability of nylon parts. Enhance metal parts with options such as bead blasting, plating, anodizing, powder coating, or chroming. Precision plating is a key to functionality for medical and defense applications.